14 Hour Lotion – Odorless

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  • Odorless, for people who are scent sensitive or want to combine Proven with their own fragrance or for people who want to be outdoors surrounded by only nature’s scent
  • Lotion is preferred for face application
  • Long lasting: PROVEN lotion protects for 14 hours
  • Effectively repels: mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, biting flies, stable flies, gnats, chiggers, sand flies and No-see-ums (biting midges)
  • Family protection: safe for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, and for children and babies older than 2 months
  • Disease protection: effective protection from mosquitoes that may transmit Zika, Dengue, West Nile Virus, and Chikungunya, and ticks carrying Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis.
  • Non-Toxic: low acute toxicity and low skin absorption
  • DEET-Free: DEET is toxic and can have harmful side effects
  • People-friendly: smooth and non-greasy, enriched with Aloe Vera
  • Planet-friendly: non-toxic to fish and other wildlife
  • Proudly made in de USA by EPA-approved factories
  • PROVEN® uses Saltidin®, a patented ingredient
  • Recommended: Saltidin is recommended by the EPA, CDC, and the World Health Organization
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Enjoy the outdoors worry-free with Proven Odorless Lotion. Surround yourself with the scent of nature and be protected for 14 hours. Lotion is the preferred product for face application and offers the longest protection. We recommend the lotion for ease of application on small children. Repels mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, biting flies, no-see-ums and other insects.

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