American Airlines Magazine has presented Proven Repellent on page 107 of the July 2019 Summer Issue.

We were contacted in June by American Way

I am Director of Special Projects for American Way, the inflight magazine for the biggest airline in the world, American Airlines. I’m reaching out to feature PROVEN in our July issue’s Summer Guide.  We love your insect repellents! And, with 19 Million passengers onboard in the month of July many people can read about PROVEN.

American Way placed the article on page 107 of American Way magazine in July 2019 with the title:


This is the article:

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We’re very proud that we’re featured in American Airlines Magazine. 19 Million people from the USA or anywhere in the world are now able to read more about PROVEN and the great benefits of our sprays and lotions. Therefore you can try Proven now with 20% discount. At first click here to visit our shop. After that, use NOBUGS at checkout.

Travel Tips:

  • Insect Repellents are one of the Most Common Items People Forget to Pack.
  • Lotion is the Preferred Insect Repellent for Face Application.
  • Dermatologists recommend odorless 20% Picaridin Lotion as the Best Repellent for Children,
  • Should You Apply PROVEN or Sunscreen First? Put the sunscreen on first, allow a period of about 5-10 minutes to allow the sunscreen to dry, prior to applying PROVEN.

Sharing PROVEN is caring for your loved ones.