Keep pesky bugs away on camping, hiking, and other outdoor excursions with Proven, a non-toxic, DEET-free repellent recommended by the World Health Organization, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Safe for use by children (ages 2 months and up) and pregnant women, Proven’s new lightly scented or unscented sprays and lotions repel mosquitos, ticks, black flies, biting flies, stable flies, ants, gnats, chiggers, sand flies, and no-see-ums for 12 to 14 hours. The active ingredient is Saltidin, patented with low acute toxicity and low skin absorption, making it safe for the environment and non-toxic to fish and other wildlife. Available in a two-ounce travel-friendly size, as well as regular and family sizes. $7.95-$12.95. Click here to order Proven.

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