We are SO excited to announce that Proven Insect Repellent was recently featured by PEOPLE.com and named a top effective bug repellent!

The magazine writes

For those searching for a scent-free formula that really works, check out Proven Insect Repellent which repels pests for 12-14 hours thanks to its active ingredient, saltidin, which is recommended by the World Health Organization. This one is also perfectly safe for women who are pregnant or nursing, since it’s totally free of toxic pesticides. 

Read the entire article here: https://people.com/lifestyle/summer-bug-bites-best-insect-repellents/

Shop our insect repellent here: https://provenrepellent.com/shop/14-hour-odorless-lotion/

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About Proven Repellent | Mosquito Repellent Spray

As a health-conscious family, we found inspiration in market opportunities. The insect repellent market historically has offered solutions with either harsh chemicals or less than effective natural repellent. We didn’t want to have to choose, and neither should your family.

So, we developed PROVEN: a range of insect repelling sprays and lotions you can trust to keep bugs away from your family all day.

PROVEN® is made in the USA with ingredients sourced from the US and Germany. PROVEN® promises transparency and independently studied proof of our claims so that health conscious consumers like you can feel safe and protected while enjoying the outdoors.

  • Long-lasting with 12-14 hours of protection from mosquitoes and ticks
  • Picaridin is odorless and derived from the black pepper plant 
  • Picaridin is  recommended by the  CDC, World Health Organization, and the Environmental Working Group
  • Repels mosquitoes and ticks for 12-14 hours and flies, gnats, chiggers, no-see-ums and other listed insects for up to 8 hours
  • Use with confidence on the whole family as a best insect repellent for children and adults. 
  • When used as directed, Picaridin is safe and effective, even for pregnant and breastfeeding women, according to the CDC
  • Contains 20% Picaridin
  • Made in the USA with ingredients sourced from the US and Germany
  • EPA registered